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Tracing is offered on a

“NO Success, NO Fee” basis


We have a facility to trace people utilizing Cell phone numbers, Surnames, Postal Codes, Account Numbers, I.D. numbers, Company Registration Numbers, vehicle reg numbers etc.

These are some of the Tools we use, to give us the required information to enable us to Trace, E.G.: If you do not have the I.D. number of whoever you are trying to locate, it can be done using the above information.

There are many ways to achieve this result in order to successfully trace an individual or organization.

We also log Trace alerts on I.D. numbers as well as Company Registration numbers, which have a 1-year validity period, so if these number are used at any point in time, we will Automatically be notified and given the updated Address and Contact information of the Person/ Persons or Company being traced.

We run off multiple software and tracing systems which gather necessary information and supply updated information to us on daily basis.

Company Search

Looking for information about companies or organisations registered in South Africa including a list of directors?

Director Search

Need to see which registered companies an individual is associated with as a Director?

Contact Information

Do you need contact details for someone?

Deeds Office Document

Do you need the details of a document registered at the Deeds Office?

Deeds Office Person

Want to know what properties are registered to a person, company or trust at the Deeds Office?

Erf/Scheme to Street Conversion

Do you need to find out the street address from a Deeds Office erf number?

Home Affairs ID Verification

Get Verified info 

VAT Number

VAT Number verification



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