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Data Cleaning, Validate, Amend and Append Data – Identifying , correcting or removing corrupt or inaccurate data from database



  • This section is for cases where the client has specified the cleaning of data as pre-requisite to the supply of data or the client requires quality data.
  • This is the recommended approach as the data is more accurate and hence more reliable.
  • We recommend having your data cleaned and verified, it is more costly but for effective governance one must have accurate information to form the base for decision making.


  • A maintenance contract can be included in supplied data and cleaned data projects.
  • The pricing related to data maintenance will be determined during the project, it is subject to the amount of properties and data entities to be monitored and maintained.


  • As this GIS contains only unverified information, maintenance can be done by bringing it on par with cleansed data, evenly spread over a period of three years on the basis of a monthly fee. This will eliminate an immediate large capital outlay and will become an operating expense. Over and above the verification of parcel (Cadastral) data, ownership movements will be updated every month.


  • This data contains verified information and requires only updating of parcels
  • (Cadastral) and deeds information. The map information will be updated every three months whilst the ownership movement will take place every month. The maintenance period will also be for three years but the fee will be substantially less than that of data supply where verification still needs to be done.


  • Verify all billing data in relation to ownership data (e.g. accuracy of ID numbers, meter numbers, erf numbers, physical and
  • postal addresses, etc.).
  • Verify occupancy in relation to all services sites, through facilitating the signing of an extension of credit agreement
  • Verify all debtors’ types through conducting physical (door to door) verification per registered erf and against zoning data
  • Verify service coverage per site, through assessing billing status per registered erf against scheme coverage and a level of service
  • Verify all meter installations – domestic, commercial, industrial, through assessing meter information as per billing system against all meter audit data per registered erf
  • Identify areas where meters are required
  • Determine households in need of indigent support and that not in need or no longer qualifying for an indigent support must be listed separately for being removed from the indigent register
  • Inaccurate, etc. and require some writing offs or any adjustments
  • Prepare a list of all accounts that may require to be written off for a l approval (e.g. accounts with no movement, for a long time as per the analysis in terms of the previous bullet point
  • Identify account holders whose water meters may not have been read for a long time
  • Identify and report houses operating as businesses and provide information plus also verify as well if owners are not recipients of indigent support
  • Analyze data on pre-paid water system and ensure that all customer details are captured and match customer information in the billing system and erf files (particularly meter numbers, erf numbers, physical and postal addresses, ID numbers and names, etc.)
  • Identify and verify accounts in pre-paid water system that are redundant and have not purchases water over a period of time and make recommendations for such Based on results of above-mentioned assessment and verification analysis, table a gap analysis for consideration and approval, above mentioned assessment and verification must be undertaken using a recognized data management system, capable of providing detailed extracts, running various complex queries, and present data spatially, pre and post verification update
  • Undertake and update of master file information on the billing system, based on the table gap analysis

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