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“People First”

Is a South African political initiative. The initiative was first introduced by the Mandela Administration on October 1, 1997 to stand for the better delivery of services to the public


Our journey starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Our Values

Our Values are that we strive for professional success, for our own business and that of our clients. We value integrity, transparency, accountability, innovation and professionalism. We believe in partnerships with our clients that are based on mutual respect and understanding.

About Us

BATHO PELE LEGAL SERVICES (PTY) LTD is a B-BBEE Level 1 Company which specialises in Debt Collection and Tracing former members and beneficiaries from unclaimed funds at competitive rates
A genuine understanding of our client’s needs in order to enables us to deliver, efficient, Tailor made Debt Collection and Tracing Services.

At BATHO PELE LEGAL SERVICES (PTY) LTD, we pride ourselves with vastly experienced Debt Collection, Tracing Agents and Specialists and we have developed a Tailor-made Software Package customised to suit our client’s needs.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in Debt Collection & Tracing with reputable institutions, mostly in the Local Government, Banking Sector, medical Sector, Telecommunications ,Security, Mining Sector and Road Freight and Logistics industry
We continuously strive to improve the way we work, with experienced staff and latest technologies as a business enabler.

What sets us apart is that our staff selection criteria is hugely stringent, employing only the best. We have a relationship based policy which culminates in an atmosphere of creative excitement. Our staff are carefully selected and thoroughly trained on an ongoing basis. All our permanent staff participate in a share linked ownership plan, resulting in a deep level of commitment to professionalism, dedication and sheer determination. Most of the staff have previous experience with other debt collectors or attorneys. Staff are incentivised at every level. Collectively, over 20 staff have the capability to communicate telephonically in all eleven different languages spoken in South Africa.

Our Mission

To provide meaningful and trustworthy partnerships to our clients as a forward- thinking organisation by undertaking collections ethically and providing professional contact centre capabilities whilst upholding and protecting both our reputation and our clients’ brand

Debt Collection

Batho Pele Legal Services (Pty) Ltd is an established versatile Firm dedicated to fulfilling both existing and future Clients requirements.
Batho Pele Legal Services (Pty) Ltd, primarily as a Legal / Credit Management organisation focussed on Debt Collection incorporating Legal and modern debt collection processes, systems and strategies to maximise overdue debt recovery on behalf of our clients.
From our inception debt collection was, and still is the main area that we specialise in. Our focussed approach combined with offering our clients individually customised solutions to their debt recovery requirements, has allowed us to grow. We have also successfully added a Managed Services Contact Centre offering operating 24/7/365 to our suite of services.
Our Litigation department consists of 3 attorneys and 2 candidate attorneys who, together, offer a vast collective experience in various aspects of Commercial Law and Commercial Litigation, and bring that expertise to bear on your behalf.

At Batho Pele Legal Services (Pty) Ltd, we understand that the only way for our firm to differentiate itself from the rest is through impeccable customer service. That is why we pride ourselves on concept, that Batho Pele Legal Services (Pty) Ltd has a diverse team that understands client’s needs.
Swift action against recalcitrant debtors is no more than prudent practice. While this is handled in house, the assistance Attorneys trained and skilled in the legal aspects of Debt Collection, Liquidation and Insolvency is a vital adjunct to the process.

Enhanced professionalism and increased customer satisfaction with our flexible and affordable communication solutions catered specifically to your business. Communication and interaction with customers can prove to be a prime differentiator. Batho Pele Legal Services (Pty) Ltd interaction with your clients is focused on maintaining and improving customer expectations and reinforcing your brand perception. We believe that a positive experience can encourage brand attachment, trust, and loyalty among customers. We strive for a personalised and proactive customer experience.

To ensure that high standards are achieved, we ensure each Call Centre Agent is fully and properly trained, and assessed in terms of both quality and service requirements. Agent monitoring and coaching are practiced on a daily, ongoing basis to ensure client goals and KPIs are being met.

Our Vision

To become a pre-eminent collection and contact centre organisation with an unmatched reputation for outstanding recovery performance and exceptional client relationships and customer service.

Our vision serves as the framework for our business and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth

Tracing Unclaimed

Batho Pele Legal Services (PTY) LTD is an independent focused tracing provider to the retirement fund industry. We provide a range of unique services relating to the tracing of former members and beneficiaries of retirement funds.

We are well established within the tracing environment with a state of the art contact centre with fully trained agents, and have geographical tracing agent exposure in all magisterial districts in the country. In response to the requirements within the retirement fund business we have developed a bespoke software package based on these requirements. The uniqueness and quality of our service is however embedded in our people and in the process that has been developed to cater for both the administrators of funds as well as the beneficiaries of funds:

Since inception, Batho Pele Legal Services (PTY) LTD invested in new technologies that have greatly increased our operational effectiveness whilst at the same time improving efficiencies. In conjunction with our continuous training and up skilling of staff, these investments have enabled us to remain the industry leader while providing cost-effective products and service offerings.

Batho Pele Legal Services (PTY) LTD has extensive knowledge about the retirement fund industry whilst complying with governance and compliance principles, giving trustees peace of mind.

We understand that a positive trace is the single most important result, and in doing so have established a formidable reputation as a tracing company within the retirement fund industry.

Batho Pele Legal Services (PTY) LTD has been built by establishing long-term relationships with its clients. We recognize that every client is unique and faces a different set of challenges. Understanding the needs of our clients and the retirement fund industry, we take the time to focus on how our solution can provide the maximum benefit to our clients.

When you choose Batho Pele Legal Services (PTY) LTD as your business partner you’ll be working with a highly trained team that understands your Fund needs and the issues you face. We are committed to providing you with the latest technologies, proven systems and service excellence.

“8 Batho Pele Principles “


listening to and taking account of their views and paying heed to their needs when deciding what services should be provided


Ensuring that they are able to access the services provided easily and comfortably


Treating them with consideration and respect

Setting Standards

Making sure that the promised level and quality of services are always of the highest possible standard


Providing them with good information on the services available to them

Openness and Transparency

Allowing them to ask questions and responding to their queries honestly and frankly


Responding swiftly and sympathetically when standards of service fall below the promised level

Value for money

Adding value to their lives


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